TAPSE & S' Wave

Review the latest recommendations for quantifying the function of the right heart with echocardiography. Learn how to perform TAPSE and S' Wave with step by step instructions. Understand normal and abnormal values for accurate echo reporting.

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  • 1
    Accreditation and Designation Statements
    • CME Information
    • References
  • 2
    Right Ventricle Function Guidelines
    • Introduction: Right Heart Function Guidelines
    • Self-Assessment: Right Heart Function Guidelines
  • 3
    Right Heart Anatomy
    • Right Ventricular Anatomy
    • Identifying the Right Ventricle
    • Right Ventricle Shape
    • Right Heart Coronary Supply
    • Self-Assessment Right Heart Anatomy
  • 4
    Tricuspid Annular Plane Systolic Excursion
    • TAPSE
    • TAPSE Imaging View
    • How to Obtain TAPSE
    • Measuring TAPSE
    • Errors to Avoid
    • TAPSE Reference Values
    • Self-Assessment: TAPSE
  • 5
    S' Wave - Peak Systolic Velocity of Tricuspid Annulus
    • S' Wave
    • S' Wave Imaging View
    • How to Obtain S' Wave
    • Measuring S' Wave
    • S' Wave Reference Value
    • Self-Assessment: S' Wave
  • 6
    Tips for using TAPSE & S' Wave
    • Using TAPSE & S' Wave
    • Self-Assessment: TAPSE & S' Wave
  • 7
    CME Evaluation Survey
    • CME Evaluation Survey
  • 8
    eBook Download!
    • Right Heart Quantification: TAPSE & S' Wave


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  • The most educational and enjoyable CME's I have ever obtained!

    By Kathryn Newcomb

    Cannot express enough how educational and well the information's presented.

    Cannot express enough how educational and well the information's presented.

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