Cat 1 AMA CMEs

Recognized worldwide to meet physician, sonographer and clinician credentialing requirements.

The mission of our continuing medical education program is to educate physicians, sonographers, and other members of the care team on relevant best practices based on valid standards and guidelines to advance knowledge, enhance performance and improve patient outcomes.

Courses contain industry guidelines and recommendations for proper diagnostic imaging techniques in both echo and nuclear cardiology. Written in a simple format to optimize your learning experience, each course provides you with the necessary diagrams, images, and videos to aid comprehension. Certificates available immediately upon completion.
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  • Relevant

    All CMEs are relevant to your daily practice of echocardiography.

  • Affordable

    Affordable option to maintain mandated CME requirements.

  • Quick

    Quality content, simple format, quick and easy to navigate.

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5.0 CME New!

Mastering Advanced MR Quantification